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Conditions of Boarding and Consent

Woodside is set up to give your pet a wonderful holiday. Sometimes however, events take place and we need to make sure we can handle them to ensure your pet stays safe.

If a pet is taken ill and it is thought necessary, your pet will be taken to a vet.

All efforts will be made to use your own vets, which should have your authorisation to share information with Woodside and to treat your pet in your absence.

If it is not possible to use your own vets, Animed veterinary group will be used. Owners will be responsible for any fees incurred.


Where two or more pets are sharing, if it is thought necessary in the best interest of the pets to separate, we will do so. Although we stand between dogs while feeding if it is thought necessary, we may also separate while they are being fed. 


While every effort is made to return pets “tidy”, pets are on holiday and may get muddy in the case of dogs. If pets are long haired basic grooming will only take place if they are happy and relaxed about being handled.


All pets must be up to date with worming and flea treatment, if a pet needs treatment during their stay, your vet will be contacted to prescribe treatment. 


When owners ask for their dogs to go off lead, they must be aware this puts them at greater risk of possibly chasing birds and rabbits, picking up a fallen piece of branch, rolling in fox toilet etc.


It may be necessary if a pet appears stressed or unsettled to move a pet from one kennel block or cattery block to another. In the case of dogs, this also includes if they are being noisey.

Prior to boarding, please complete this form and return to Woodside by email. A photograph of the signed form will suffice if the signature can be clearly seen.

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