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Boarding Terms and Conditions

Telephone number 01329 842402.​​​                                         

Opening times 8.30am – 12pm and 3.30pm to 5.30pm


1. In accordance with FBC Licence pets must be up to date with annual vaccinations. They will not be accepted without proof of such. Vaccination Cards are kept here during boarding.  Dogs also need a separate annual Nasal Kennels Cough Vaccination. This must be administered at least 2 weeks before boarding.  They must also be up to date with worm and flea treatment.


2. Whilst every care is taken with your pet’s health and safety, they are boarded entirely at their owner’s risk.  Should any veterinary advice or treatment be necessary during their stay, you are responsible for payment.


3. Dogs are taken out for walks/play at least 3 times daily on our 3 acre property. This obviously puts them at slight risk of injury.  If you do not want to accept this risk tell us and they can have time-out in a quiet grassed area.


4. Owners must inform us of their pet’s medical problems at time of booking.  We can administer limited medication at no extra cost providing that details are checked with us beforehand and written instructions are given.  Medication must be in original packaging and instructions the same as on packaging.  We can’t guarantee that medication will be administered at set times.


5. For the safety of our staff we only accept pets that can be easily and safely handled – We do NOT accept pets with aggressive behaviour problems


6. Owners agree to declare any history of problems, traits or vices their pets may have


7. We are a very small business and struggle to accommodate all our clients wishing to board their pets with us. You are therefore requested to only book for the minimum period required.  You will be charged for the period requested on the booking form/email unless you give the required notice.


8. Opening hours are 8.30am to 12.00pm and 3.30pm to 5.30pm. Please don’t ask us to open in our private time to accommodate your holiday/work plans.


9. Payment by Cheque, Cash or Bank Transfer on day of arrival.


10. We have neighbours close by so if your dog is excessively noisy, (or excessively anxious/stressed) we will be unable to board them for future holidays


11. We can supply most of the popular foods. You are welcome to bring in your own pet food however we don’t give discounts if you do.


12. In the case of Cancellation/Amendments

Between 2-3 weeks notice before boarding date we would expect 50% of total cost

Less than 2 weeks notice before boarding date we would expect full payment

In all cases please give us notice of cancellation by letter or email.


13. Personal details are not shared with a third party except as required by Veterinary Surgeries for medical purposes.

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