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About Our Lovely Catteries

A Holiday Home For Your Cat

So you want to know more about our beautiful catteries? We've created a dedicated site now to give more focus to our feline friends at Woodside Cattery. It's the same cattery as Woodside Kennels & Cattery we just wanted to show case this a little more. 

barn cattery.jpeg

Two Catteries, One Standard

We have two catteries, both to exceptional standards. Your cat is going to feel welcome, happy and relaxed in whichever cattery at Woodside they're lucky enough to board in.


Our Barn Cattery has a homely traditional feel to it,  Each chalets focuses on a centre lounge area, where as our conservatory cattery has naturalistic views into green paddocks.  Go explore Woodside Cattery for a closer view of Hampshire's finest holidays for cats.

Our Clients

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