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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dog go for walks?

Yes! Dogs are taken for walks and play at least 3 times a day on our private 3 acre property. Being active like this obviously puts them at more risk from injury. If you do not want to accept this risk, please tell us and they can still have some time in an open space, but in one of our quiet grassed areas.

What about medicine?

We are happy to administer medicine at no extra cost providing full details are checked with us beforehand and written instructions are provided to us. Medication must be in the original packaging and your instructions must be the same as that on the packaging. We cannot guarantee that medication will be administered at set times.

Will you take dogs with behavioural problems?

You must tell us about history of problems, traits or vices and we can normally work around these. What we can not accept is dogs that are, or are perceived to be aggressive. We really care about our staff and will only accept dogs that can be easily and safely handled.

Are vet bills included?

Vet bills are not included. Whilst every care is taken with your pets health and safety, they are boarded entirely at their owner's risk. Should any veterinary advice or treatment be deemed necessary by Woodside staff during their stay, the owners will be entirely responsible for the veterinary bill in addition to the boarding fee. Veterinary service can be expensive; we highly recommend insurance.

Does the price include food?

Yes, we have Burns dry food, Nutriment Raw food, most supermarket tinned food for dogs. For our Cat Boarders we have Royal Canin Sensible dry biscuits and most supermarket tinned/sachet wet food.
If your pet is on a special diet you will need to bring food with you.

Are your Kennels and Cattery licensed by the local Authority

Our Kennels and Cattery have a 5 Star Rating and are inspected, approved and licensed by Fareham/Gosport Borough Council.

 (As, by law,  should all pet boarding, Kennels, Catteries and Home boarding facilities)

Are the units heated?

Yes, heating is including in the price….. all units are heated with heat panels to keep our

               boarders cosy and warm.

                Our Main Kennels also has Air Conditioning to keep our boarding dogs cool during the hot spells.

                (The Cattery doesn’t need air conditioning as it stays cool in Summer Months.)

Will my cat get lots of attention  when she is boarding with you

Yes, Cats are well cared for getting lots of Cuddles and Affection if they want it

Do I need to bring anything for my pet?

Just your pet and current vaccination card (Vaccination Cards will be retained here during boarding)

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