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Client Covid-19 Gov/CFSG Guidelines Pet arrival and collection 

Kennel Cough Vaccination renewal is NOT necessary during current Pandemic

We cannot accept pets for boarding if you are showing signs of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone showing signs of COVID-19 in past 10 days.

For test/trace purposes we need contact details whilst you are away

If, within 2 weeks of your pet boarding with us, you show any symptoms of COVID-19 please contact us.

On arrival:

  • Stay in car 

  • Ring 07395 960020 or (01329842402)

  • We will open gate.  

We are only allowed one client on our premises at a time so please be patient.


Masks/Visors must be worn..


Keep your distance from Staff and avoid touching gates/door handles etc. 

We cannot accept pets’ personal items, toys, bedding etc (own food accepted)

Once in Woodside pets are wiped over with Pet safe Spray, Wipe or Wet Cloth


  • At handover owners to wipe leads and collars over with sanitizer

  • Once in kennel, collar/harness will be washed thoroughly in soapy water or sprayed with sanitizer in accordance with CFSG guidelines.


  • Owners, please check safety of carrier before handover.  

  • Carrier handles will be sterilized on arrival.

  • Carriers will be sprayed with Sterilizer once in Unit


We also need to wipe your cat with damp cloth/or cloth soaked in approved sanitizer.…. If it is not safe to do so we will be unable to touch your cat for a period of time after arrival.

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